Five Elements Incense


Don't forget these...

Odor: Earthy, slightly musky and floral notes.
Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium
Dry-out: Soft, gentle, earthy

Maya Copal, white sage, palo santo, myrrh, and frankincense blended together is a powerful mix for meditation. Copal is linked with your crown chakra, deepening your awareness & encouraging pure thoughts during meditation. Sage works by neutralizing the energy field, a subtle yet powerful process that sharpens & enhances intuition. Adding frankincense provides protection, elevates spiritual awareness, eases feelings of stress & anxiety. Palo santo inspires creativity, evokes protection, infuses blessings & brings love & good fortune. Myrrh helps one understand the nature of being spiritually aware. It not only assists in expanding your wisdom, provides a gentle comfort from the Universe as one moves through life.

Hand Rolled Resin Incense.

100% Natural Essential Oils

Made in USA