How to Wear Our Alpaca Slippers


Cruelty-Free Alpaca Slippers


Our alpaca slippers are indoor slippers or as some like to call them: house shoes.  These fuzzy delights are the first thing you want to step into when you arrive home, and you won't want to take them off.  They can be worn outdoors lightly, to get the paper, take out the trash, take the dog to the corner.  We don't suggest you wear these house slippers as outdoor shoes.  The suede sole is tough, but if it is worn on concrete too much you could damage your slipper.  So stay inside and stay cozy.  Also, these slippers are washable so check out our care section on how to keep your alpaca slippers clean.
Our alpaca fur slippers are cruelty-free.  We do not kill any alpacas in order to get our fur.  The fur pelts are obtained in a natural and sustainable way.  Please read further about our cruelty-free and sustainable Alpaca fur sourced in Peru here.
Our slippers all have great dense foam padding that offers super comfy cushioning for your foot for full support.  The padding actually molds to your foot within a few days of wear, to create a slipper that is made especially for your foot shape. 
Our knit slippers made from Alpaca yarn are made from a process of shearing an alpacas fur and then processing the fibers into an alpaca yarn that is then knit, woven, or braided into a luxurious slipper.  Alpaca yarn is one of the softest fibers in the world and is comparable to the softness of cashmere.  Alpaca yarn is also very breathable, so it breaths while it insulates.  Meaning your foot won't sweat, but it will stay warm.  The fur and yarn that comes from the Andes of Peru are some of the best quality yarn as the weather conditions and grass that the Alpacas eat in the Andes and the Sierra create the perfect climate and nutrition for these fluffy and cute creatures.
To learn more about caring for your Ariana Bohling alpaca slippers please see our care section here