Ariana Bohling Peruvian Knitters


Our Values

At Ariana Bohling we are committed to paying our suppliers and artisans fair and livable wages.  We believe in making quality handmade product and in order to make that quality product there are many hands that touch and create each piece.  These hands are attached to individuals who deserve the right to earn money in a safe and productive environment.  Our slippers provide jobs for women in underdeveloped communities in southern Peru in the Andean mountains, who in other circumstances might not be able to find employment.  This work empowers these women to improve their quality of life by paying them a fair & livable wage for the work they produce as well as providing a job they are proud of. 

 Our shoes are produced by men and women who are also paid fair and livable wages.  Our shoes are 100% leather and made by hand in Peru.  Many hours go into making each pair up to our quality standards.  We hope when you purchase a pair you see this reflected in the product.  Our shoes & slippers are not made on a mass production line.  We fit into the category of sustainable, fair trade fashion & we strive to create more jobs for people as our company grows.  We hope to help improve the lives of more individuals along the way.  Thanks for your support when purchasing from our website and our brand, in doing so you are also taking part in improving the lives of these individuals and supporting sustainable fashion.